Tubelight first Bollywood film to do this...

New Delhi: Tubelight is certainly going places, literally. Tubelight becomes the first Bollywood movie to be promoted internationally at the Times Square. And this marketing marvel seems to have worked as it did generate a lot of curiousity there. 

Social media is abuzz with pics of fans posing in and around the poster.

UC News app, which is embedded in the poster, is also wooing the online audience with its unique format.

Salman Khan and Eid make a deadly combination and is considered a multi-crore business proposition, thanks to Salman Khan's crazy fans.

Tubelight is based on a Hollywood movie and it also marks the debut of Chinese actress Zhu Zhu. The film has an India-China backdrop and it deals with an emotional story of a brother's efforts to rescue his brother who is a captive.