TV programme to trace journey of Ganga

New Delhi: A new TV programme "Ganga: Himalayan Descent" will capture various facets -- spiritual, cultural, geological and adventure -- of the holy river. The one-hour special show, to be aired on Friday on Discovery Channel, will take viewers through incredible footage and gripping narrative. It will reveal the story of the Hindu’s holy pilgrimage and its tributaries that support India’s thriving eco-system, read a statement. A description for the show reads: "Ganga: Himalayan Descent" opens at the source, where river Ganga emerges from the glacial peaks of Shivling and Bhagirathi. "From Badrinath Temple, one of the four most important pilgrimage sites in India to Ramganga and how it supports the massive eco-tourism industry at Jim Corbett National Park to Rishikesh, the world’s yoga capital and ultimately land at Har Ki Pouri in Haridwar where the visitors congregate for the aarti ceremony." Additionally, the programme will bring forth the story of people and their experiences living on the edges of the Ganga.