TV series on Selena Quintanilla's life

Los Angeles, Jan 19 (IANS) A TV series about late singer Selena Quintanilla's life is in the works.

Disney Media Distribution Latin America, BTF Media, Moconoco y Latin WE has announced that they are producing a TV series based on the best-selling book "El Secreto de Selena" by María Celeste Arrarás, reports

Arrarás said: "'El Secreto de Selena' is the revealing story behind her tragic death. It is a story very different from the official version that was told immediately after her murder. It turns out that in the months before her death, Selena was not as happy as many thought.

"She was living through a tumultuous moment in her life; she was surrounded by people that loved her but also wanted to manipulate her. She felt that she was being pulled in different directions and she was torn. Selena was about to take various decisions in her life that were going to change her personal and professional life forever." 

The journalist and author said that for many years, she has wanted to bring the story to life, but she hadn't found the right team for it. 

"This real story of our beloved Selena has all of the ingredients of a telenovela: lies, love, betrayal, suspense and a lot more. It is a controversial story, but it is also a real story that is handled with the utmost respect for her memory. I have no doubt that just as the book became a bestseller, the production of this series will break audience records," Arrarás added.

The "Dreaming of you" hitmaker died aged 23 in 1995.