Twitter goof-up: Jammu in Pakistan and Kashmir in China!

New Delhi: Twitter goofed up yet again when it began to show Jammu and Kashmir as parts of Pakistan and China!

When users logged into the microblogging site using location services, it showed Jammu city as part of Pakistan. Users received automatic suggestions to click on the location putting the winter capital of the north Indian state in Pakistan.

When users typed Jammu and Kashmir at stretch or only 'Kashmir' it showed the state as part of People's Republic of China too.

The ministry of external affairs (MEA) on Thursday said the goof-up by Twitter will be taken up with the website.

“I am sure it will be taken up with Twitter. We ourselves do not do this, another division does this. But I am sure it will be taken up ,” MEA spokesperson Vikas Swarup told reporters here.

Meanwhile, a number of users criticised the microblogging site for the goof-up, with some dubbing it as biased against India.