India strikes Pakistan: How the Twitteratti reacts to Indian Surgical Strikes

Qayed @Qayed
Good reply by crossing Line of Control and hitting hard to culprits. 
You are true hero soldiers
12:53 PM - 29 Sep 2016
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 व्यग्र लोपकी @rranjan501
By encoaching Line of Control #ModiPunishesPak through #SurgicalStrike.
12:50 PM - 29 Sep 2016
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 रवि कांत @LegalKant
Indian Army proves again that patience is passion tamed. DGMO was in his full flow today. Line of Control will be crossed more often now.
12:50 PM - 29 Sep 2016

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Sonam Mahajan @AsYouNotWish
That's how lions do it. Indian army not only carries out surgical strikes across the line of control but also owns it openly.
12:39 PM - 29 Sep 2016

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 Maheish Girri ✔ @MaheishGirri
Pakistan finally gets the message how it is to face a tough PM. Days after Uri, terrorists in Pakistan killed by Army. #ModiPunishesPak
12:34 PM - 29 Sep 2016
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 Sunny @sunil_ss7
#ModiPunishesPak by attacking their terrorist in LOC. Many more to go. Abhi toh party shuru huwi hai
12:53 PM - 29 Sep 2016
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 Gautam @gautamverma23
Very well done, Indian Army. Proud of you. Narendra Modi proves again he is the best thing that can ever happen to India. #ModiPunishesPak
12:52 PM - 29 Sep 2016
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 Vishal Jain @viz_kjain
Action speaks louder than words. #ModiPunishesPak 
My respect for @narendramodi has increased many folds - 56"
12:43 PM - 29 Sep 2016
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 MUKESH Modifier #BJP @monurajasthan
Everyone should remember @narendramodi ji’s first reaction: People behind this will not go unpunished #ModiPunishesPak
 MUKESH Modifier #BJP @monurajasthan
#PM @narendramodi shows what he meant when he said ‘Pakistan should be answered in the language it understands” #ModiPunishesPak