Two Benefits of a Nuclear Family

                    About 75% of us our generation grew up in well-bonded joint families. We were actually raised more by our grandparents and our parents were like our secondary parents. My brother and I grew up in a nuclear family setup as we moved around every 7-8 years, spanning 3 countries. Because of this, we longed for summer vacations when we would get back to our grandparents homes and hang out with cousins, be pampered and run around like rugrats without mom’s rules! What gave rise to the nuclear family setup? Industrialization. Growth of cities, decline of rural areas, people moving away from country/family to earn better, people then having less children. Also, it’s considered a very economical way of living as families that can sustain themselves have chances of a better standard of living. Since they have become prevalent, let’s examine two benefits of nuclear families:


                        Firstly, it garners strength and stability within the family. Two-parent families embody a loving, caring, balanced and supportive relationship for their families.  Their chores are cut-out and they’ve designated their duties amongst themselves. Thus it all sorted out. This translates into future success by teaching children how to seek out positive relationships and interact well with their peers and families. Children will also benefit from watching parents work together to solve problems, delegate household responsibilities and support one another through the ups and downs.



                        Secondly, more financial stability. Many nuclear families have enough economic stability to provide children with luxuries and opportunities in life. Children may be able to attend dance, gymnastics, music or other types of hobbies, especially when both parents are working outside the home. More money also mean more vacations! Children who are provided with these types of opportunities are more likely do better academically and socially, as well as develop confidence and time management skills.



                        Thus, the nuclear family can provide children with consistency also. Children that have stability and consistency in their lives are more likely to behave positively, handle life’s situations in their stride, do better in school and become more active in community events. They become givers instead of takers. The nuclear family mat eat dinner together  on a regular basis, go to church together, travel together, further strengthening relationships and building a solid foundation for their future. Whether the family setup is of a nuclear family or a joint family, it isn’t the quantity but the quality that matters. Love, respect and laughter enriches the quality of the family!