Two big benefits of having an early sleep schedule for your child

You couldn't resist your little one's pleas to be awaje to watch his favorite show, and then all you had planned for bedtime has come and gone.

You turn off the TV, break out the jammies and whisk them to their room. You can be excited that you have it all down, but your child isn't. Welcome to parenting 101! 

But its extremely crucial that your child has a consistent sleep and wake time so that can be in prime of their health and also be attentive in school. 




Here are three more benefits of a consistent sleep schedule for your child: 

* Preschool-aged children with early weekday bedtimes were half as likely as children with late bedtimes to be obese as adolescents. This was true even after taking into account factors such as the onset of excess weight gain. 

 * Beneficial to the brain: An early bedtime benefits a child's physical health, as well as mood and mental health, because it allows time for restorative sleep, which is important for the repair and recovery of the brain and the body.