Two reasons for Bollywood lagging behind Hollywood




Bollywood and Hollywood, two establishments. Two successful entities and two money-making machines. It isn't a hidden fact that Bollywood, regardless of their success, is still lagging behind of Hollywood. Bollywood is often considered a foster sister of the giant Hollywood. A commendable effort nevertheless for a nation to compete with a more worldwide entity. However, Bolllywood operates on quantity rather than quality. Bollywood makes more movies that Hollywood in a year. Thus, Bollywood has big banners, star power and various genres of films and yet is to catch onto Hollywood.

Here are two reasons for it:  

Firstly, fixed components that are irreplaceable. Bollywood films may be divided by genre but are united by the uniformity of it. Most Bollywood films, no matter what genre, are supposed to have emotional family sequences- with some secrets to be unveiled, a deeply in love couple that has to part at various instances in most unavoidable circumstances, the hero fighting a number of villains for his lady and there are too many strings attached. A drama will have emotional sequences just as much as a comedy may have you roll off your seats with laughter. This uniformity makes Bollywood lags behind Hollywood for the basic knowledge of genres and executing them. The audience is more educated in our current generation, thus they want a uniqueness. They want to be enticed, questioned and intrigued. 

Secondly, scripting. Hollywood producers actually read screenplays.  So do stars, and directors, and just about everybody that is on board to work on the production.  In India, not possible!  Producers themselves are too lazy to read, and in many cases, they put faith in some unseen optimism that somehow the film will work itself out!  The younger producers, directors and upcoming stars have shown some change in attitude, but it is in no way close to becoming a habit or a standard.  If you think the costume designer has to have read the script for example, you must be dreaming as far as India is concerned!  So the director has to spend a lot of time with each professional individually, doing the donkey's work for the simple reason of a lazy culture towards writing and reading screenplays. Hollywood pays a lot of attention to the way talent is able to get the proper pronunciation of every word in the dialogues.  Most Indian films don't care, because they dub them later anyway.  With an increase in sync sound productions, this is changing slightly. Hollywood actors go through script reading sessions with the director, and other cast members, all the way from auditioning and casting, to production.  Rarely will an Indian actor, except perhaps a Kamal Haasan or a Prakash Raj, take the pains of knowing a script by heart. Thus its alot of improvising, last-minute adjustments and various thoughts that are muddled around between umpteen takes! It wasnt until five years ago that proper training schools were created to give guidance to scriptwriters. 

Hollywood and Bollywood are both popular cinemas and their names resonate their success around the world. If you want to compare them based on revenues, then the entire way of running the industry is different. While Bollywood focuses on targetting their audience and making only movies that adhere to their preferences. Hollywood thrives on experimentation. Hollywood makes the movie and then hopes for a following. Bollywood makes stars. Hollywood makes movies. Bollywood focuses on connections. Hollywood focuses on dreams. Bollywood gives your familiarity. Hollywood gives you an experience. Bollywood makes you fall in love. Hollywood takes you beyond love and comfort.