Two reasons why we miss Yash Chopra movies



Romance can be depicted in so many ways. Romance is what transports us from the being individualistic to caring for another person. When you fall in love, you deceive yourself of believing that you can care for another person more than you will ever care for yourself. Since cinema influences us in so many ways, we tend to follow the realm that highlights our emotions and causes us to think. Yash Chopra's brand of movie did just that. The King of Romance is missed today as he was a trailbrazer in the genre. Mainly for two reasons: 

Firstly, he wasn't shy to exhibit flawed characters. He researched his characters with careful deliberation and portrayed their thinking, actions, and reactions based on the times the films were set. He was completely attuned to the demands of the society. He displayed a complete array of characters - from the jolly good to the perturbed to the bereaved. He was focusing on the flaws, thus trying to make a connection with the audience. He was an avid gager of human emotions and would probably think about 100 things his characters could do about a particular scene. He went beyond the glossy world of romance, comedy and fairytales that were very rampant during the times he was making movies. 

Secondly, he brought Bollywood to the world! Yash was the first to think of having fantasy songs set overseas, of taking the Indian film audience on little world tours, and of trying to bring the global audience to Indian film. There’s a reason there is a Yash Chopra lake in Switzerland. Mr. Chopra had a special affection for Europe, and for Switzerland in particular. The dismal weather, the gentle locales and the greenery made it a truly visceral atmosphere and pleasing to the eyes. The common man couldn't afford to take these fantasy-laced and awesome trips abroad! 

He was the man that taught us the meaning of romance and unconditional love.