Two Yoga Poses for Increasing Focus and Attention


The key to longevity in life isn't just physical fitness, its mental fitness as well. Along with a healthy body, you need a quick mind, sharp focus, fast recollection of events in order to reflect a sound mind. In the hullabaloo of life, its imperative to exercise to keep your mind intact. 


Here are two poses of Yoga to keep your focus and attention in order: 



* The Prayer Pose




  1. From Svanasa (Table Pose) tuck your toes under and bring your hands towards your feet. Keep your knees bent and bring your hips down to your heels so that you are squatting.

  2. Let your feet come apart a little, till your torso does not rest on your thighs. You can keep your feet either flat on the floor or keep your toes tucked under.

  3. Gently bring your palms together in front of your heart and keep your elbows pressed against your knees. You can use your arms to bring your knees apart and deepen the stretch at the hips. To maintain balance you can concentrate on a single point on the floor.

  4. Let your hips sink down to the ground and reach upwards from the crown of your head to elongate the spine. Let your shoulders roll back and down and press your chest to your thumbs.

  5. If possible, you could shut your eyes and try concentrating at the point between your eyebrows. This point is referred to as the third eye.

  6. To get out of the pose you should bring your palms to the ground and straighten your legs, lifting your hips upward, similar to the forward fold. Then, breathe in and press into your feet gradually straightening your legs. Bring your palms to the ground and walk them forward so that your knees are lowered back onto the floor



* The Eagle Pose: 




1. Begin by standing in Tadasana.

2. Bend your knees and lift your left foot up to cross it over the right one.

3. Ensure that right foot is firmly placed on the floor and the left thigh is over the right thigh. Your left foot’s toes should be pointing downwards.

4. Bring your arms forwards while keeping them parallel to the floor.

5. Cross the right arm over the left one and bend your elbows so that your arms are now perpendicular to the floor. Ensure that the back of your hands are facing each other.

6. Slowly turn the hands so that the palms face each other.

7. Pressing the palms together, stretch the fingers upwards.

8. Keeping your gaze focused at one place, stay in this pose for a couple of breaths. 

9. Slowly release the hands and bring them to the side of your body.

10. Raise your left leg and place it back on the floor and slowly come back into Tadasana.