Uddhav DARES PM Modi to get Hindu votes without Shiv Sena

Mumbai, Sep 30: After cousin Raj Thackeray, it was turn of Shiv Sena supremo Uddhav Thackeray to take on and dare PM Narendra Modi. Tearing into the Modi government on note ban, Uddhav said on Saturday that an atmosphere was created that those who favour demonetization were "deshbhakts" and those who opposed it were "deshdrohis".

"We allied with BJP for the sole purpose of unity of Hindu votes.If they think we are of no use to them, we'll see how to deal with it, " Uddhav said. taking on the Central government on petrol prices, he added, " Govt says GST brings uniform taxation. Where is the uniformity? Even Pakistan has cheaper petrol than us."