Urmila Matondkar celebrates Second wedding anniversary!

It has been two years since Urmila Matondkar shocked us (in a good way) with a hush-hush wedding. The Rangeela girl celebrated two years of togetherness with husband, Mohsin Akhtar Mir today and took to social media to express her happiness with the world.

She put out a post that read: Life is truly about moments that take your breath away....thanking d #almighty for millions of these n pray for many more #happyanniversary my love." 

The two secretly tied the knot following which, they even released pictures from their intimate wedding. Such a well planned strategy to escape the prying eyes of the media. But of course, we can’t blame much, after all it’s their life, their right to privacy.

However, having said that, don't you guys want to know the way they met? About way the guy that managed to win the heart of the sex-symbol of the 90s?   

According to close sources, here are 3 things Mohsin did to win over his ladylove: 

Firstly, he be-friended Manish Malhotra (Urmila's bestie):  Considering Urmila is very close to her designer friend Manish Malhotra, he first got Manish by his side. He would often hang out with Manish during fashion events following which, one day he finally confessed to Manish about his love for Urmila. Although we can’t say Manish is the man that brought the couple together but yes, Manish did have a huge role in Urmila and Mohsin’s ‘teenage-like’ love story.

Secondly, his romantic dinners: Soon, Urmila and Mohsin became closer at Manish’s niece’s wedding back in 2014. By then, Mohsin had already made up his mind to marry Urmila. The actress was very reluctant at the start. But Mohsin refused to lose hope. He was adamant to get her by his side. Speaking of which he took her on countless dates. In fact, given that she’s a total foodie, he treated to exotic cuisines and also made exotic dishes for her during these times. Aww! In this case, it’s like “A way to woman’s heart is through her stomach.” Sweet no?

Thirdly, wooed her with poetry. Its the uber-romantic thing - to be written about! Mohsin loves poetry and that played just perfect for Urmila. He would constantly floor her with beautiful lines and make her special like as if she’s the one for him in this world. Yup! He’s that romantic. Isn’t Urmila one lucky girl to have such a die-hard romantic in her life?

Meanwhile Mohsin is a Kashmiri businessman and model. Despite being a businessman, Mir has been keen to make a career in modelling. He came to Delhi and joined the Elite modeling agency to shape up his career. He was the second runner up of Times of India Mr. India 2007.

Here are some pictures from their wedding, Urmila is every bit the stunning and blushing bride: