US confirms airstrike against Al-Shabaab fighters in Somalia

Mogadishu: The US Africa Command (AFRICOM) on Thursday confirmed that African Union forces and US Advisors launched an airstrike against Al-Shabaab as part of counter-terrorism exercise on January 7.

AFRICOM said in a statement received on Thursday that the "self-defence strike" was conducted against an Al-Qaida-associated terrorist group in Gaduud, a town in north of Kismayo in southern Somalia, Xinhua news agency reported.

"During a counter-terrorism operation to disrupt Al-Shabaab, the combined partner forces observed Al-Shabaab fighters threatening their safety and security," Africom was quoted as saying.

AFRICOM said Washington conducted a self-defense strike to neutralise the threat but no enemy fighters were killed.

"The US remains committed to our partners in eliminating terrorism and advancing security in the region," it said.