US state of Nevada to promote tourism in India

New Delhi: US state of Nevada will open a new office in New Delhi to promote travel and tourism in India.

Nevada Lt Governor Thomas Hutchinson while embarking on his journey to India said that, “Opening an office in India will provide Nevada with greater opportunities to promote international travel and tourism to our state. We currently enjoy 6.5 percent of the India travel market share here in Nevada.”

“With a new office in New Delhi, I am confident that our increased presence will encourage even more tourists from India to visit the Silver State," he added.

Nevada Tourism officials while citing 2015 State of the International Traveler study pointed out that, Indian travelers take an average of 2.5 international trips with a maximum budget of $5,451. They stay in mid-priced hotels, bring back gifts for friends and relatives, visit famous American landmarks and want to experience duty-free shipping, Las Vegas Review Journal reported.

Mr. Hutchinson is due to return on February 1.

News24 Bureau