Using dead son's frozen semen Pune couple get two grandchildren by surrogacy

New Delhi, Feb 15: See what Science can do today? A bereaved mother who had lost her son to cruel cancer emerged as a proud grandmother of two grandchildren now. The sperm of his son was frozen for IVF and the children were born through surrogacy.
Rajshree Patil refused to giv in after her son's death and her perseverance and faith has given her two grandchildren though she lost her son Prathmesh. Prathmesh was unmarried.
Rajshree was very close to her 27-year-old son Prathmesh who was doing his Masters in Engineering from Gemany. 
There he was diagnosed stage-4 brain cancer. 
Before going for his chemotherapy and radiation he was advised by the doctors to preserve his semen. And little did she know that this tragedy in her personal life will take such a beautiful turn.
Rajshree used her son’s cryopreserved semen for a surrogate pregnancy. The twins were born on February 12 and Rajashree (48) named them Prathamesh and Preesha (God’s gift).

Prathmesh's sister Dnyanashree was vey close to her brother and often walked with his photo and even serving food to it. This prompted Rajashree to think on these lines and after completing the formalities at Germany's semen bank she approached Sahyadri Hospitals, Nagar Road for an in vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedure. 

News24Bureau (Pic courtesy Indian Express)