Varnika Kundu Case: Vikas Barala charged with abduction

New Delhi, Oct 13: In a major victory for Varnika Kundu, the the gutsy 29-year-old, who was allegedly stalked by the son of a local BJP leader. Vikas Barala is charged with abduction. District Court Chandigarh frames charges of abduction against Vikas Barala and Ashish in stalking case against them.

Vikas Barala, son of Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala, and another person accused of stalking an IAS officer's daughter were put behind bars in August after the Chandigarh police slapped a charge of attempted abduction against them.

This is the second time, Vikas (23) and his co-accused Ashish Kumar (27) have been arrested in the case which has triggered a massive furore and brought the issue of women's safety on national centre stage

The Chandigarh police had grilled the two accused for nearly three hours and then decided to add the non-bailable charge of "attempt of abduction" under section 365 and 511 of the IPC after claiming to have found "new facts and evidences" in the case which has been under constant media glare

Varnika Kundu, the gutsy 29-year-old, who was allegedly stalked, had expressed satisfaction terming the fresh arrest as a "great development in the case"

"If we continue this movement, cases like these will get a lot rarer," she asserted

Her father, senior IAS officer Virender Kundu said the arrest was "one small step in the right direction" adding that the accused should be punished appropriately

The re-arrest of the two men, said to be law graduates, came after they appeared before the police in the afternoon following summons issued to them

The stalking incident came to light when the woman had called up the police complaining that two youth were chasing her along a stretch of over five kilometre from Chandigarh right up to a point in the Union Territory, adjoining Haryana's border

Notably, the woman in her complaint had mentioned that there was an attempt to abduct her by the accused. "To me it was very clear that that these boys intended to abduct me even tried to open the door (of the car)," the victim had said in her complaint

However, the police had not pressed abduction charges at that time.

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