Video: A BJP scion stalks and kills an innocent girl

New Delhi: A precious life of Ragini, a class 12 student, was sacrificed at the altar of ego of a yet another scion and brat son of a BJP leader Kripa Shnakar Tewari. The incident took place in Balia at Majholi Bajhwa Gaon.

 BJP leader Kripa Shankar Tewari's son Prince Tewari, his two cousins and some friends were harassing and stalking Ragini. Out of fear she left going to school. The village Panchayat gathered to discuss the issue and it was decided that Ragini will start going to school once again. After getting assurance from the village elders she dared to take a humble step towards school, but as destiny had it planned for her the cruel way, it turned out to be a fatal decision. 

As she was going towards the school, the group of disgruntled boys came and slashed her throat. See the irony, the crime occurred just 500 meter away from the local police station.

Bereaving parent said that the police was informed of this harassment several times, but little was done. And finally a precious life, who just wanted to study, was lost forever.

After media backlash, the police sprung into action and have arrested Prince  Tewari and his partner in crime Raju Yaadav. Three killers are still at large.