VIDEO: Rahul attacked in Modi's Gujarat, Cong blames BJP

Ahmedabad: Ugly scenes were witnessed in flood-hit Banaskantha district of Gujarat when Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi reached there on Friday to meet flood victims. Stones were hurled at his car and on other cars in the convoy. Window panes of Rahul's car were broken in the incident. Black flags too were waived at him. However, Rahul escaped unhurt.  

Congress has blamed the BJP and state government for the incident. " The Chie Minister has not visited the area despite massive destruction due to floods. The state government it seems got nervous when Rahul visited the area before the CM," Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said.      "Rahul Gandhi was attacked with cement bricks by BJP goons,SPG with him suffered minor injuries. The attack should be condemned unequivocally," Singhvi added.

Banaskantha district police confirmed that a stone was thrown at the car in which Rahul was on his way to the helipad after meeting flood victims at Dhanera.

Six sitting Congress MLAs comne from Bansakantha district. However, none of them have visited their area as they are being parked in Bangalore after poaching threats before the Rajya Sabha elections scheduled for August 8. Congres is taking no chances to ensure victory for Ahmed patel, a close-Gandhi family aide.