Video Results 2018: Madhya Pradesh all set to spring a surprise

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Dec 11: Today is a big day, not just for the 8,500 candidates, whose fate will be decided today, but more for the BIG two:  Fate of BJP-Congress to be decided today, and after that, it's the fate of these hopefuls. The results in these 5 states is important as it is being seen as a precursor to the Big General Election in 2019. The results will set the tone of the forthcoimg elections. The results today will also indicate which way the elections will go next year. SO obviously, both Congress and BJP are nervous.The electoral fate of over 8,500 candidates of five states which went to polls recently is sealed in over 1.74 lakh EVMs which will be opened Tuesday.These electronic voting machines are now stored in over 670 strongrooms across Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Mizoram and Telangana.A total of 1,74,724 EVMs were used at polling stations in the five states.The maximum 65,367 machines were used in Madhya Pradesh.A little over 8,500 candidates were in the fray in the five states with 2,907 in Madhya Pradesh.After voting, the EVMs have been stored in strongrooms.According to the Election Commission, there is one strongroom earmarked for every assembly seat.