Video: Son comes home from US to find her mother's skeleton inside the flat

New Delhi: How relationships and the priorities of life have changed. The children are busy and the lonely parents have little to look forward to. This is exactly what happened in Mumbai when a son by the Rituraj returned from US on Sunday and  instead of her mother what welcomed him was her decomposed body, almost a skeleton.

Mother, Asha Sahani, 63, lived alone in Andheri.  "She had been living alone at her apartment in Lokhandwala Complex in Andheri after the death of her husband. Her only son, Rituraj, is a software engineer and stays in the US," the official said.

"Rituraj landed in Mumbai on Sunday. After he reached their house in Lokhandwala, he rang the door bell, but did not get any response from inside. Rituraj then called a key maker and got the door opened around 4.30 pm," the official said.