Video: This stalker in Mumbai rings fashion designer's doorbell at 2AM

New Delhi: There has been a persistent debate as to which is a safer place for women: Delhi or Mumbai, and the vote has invariably gone in favour of the latter. But what happened in Mumbai on the wee hours of Monday morning is a rude shocker for all Mumbaikers. A 36-years-old IT professional by the name of Nitesh Kumar Sharma stalked Aditi Nagpaul and followd her till her door. Things did not stop here and the man had the audacity of even ringing her doorbell. Aditi freaked out and shouted at him and then he left her doorstep only to stare at her flat from inside his car.

So disillusioned was Aditi from this entire episode that she put a Facebook post saying: "This is shocking and nerve wrecking!" "In the last 10 years, I've always felt safe in Bombay, and in the same breath have always cursed Delhi! But last night showed me a different side to my 'not so safe anymore' city!." See the story in action: