Video: When a school becomes a venue for bar dancers

New Delhi: Video of obscene dance inside a primary school's classroom in UP's Mirzapur has gone viral on social media.The authorities have now ordere probe.Nothing can be more absurd and shocking; when a school becomes the venue for the bar dancers and the men folk enjoy drinks and dance inside the premisis of 'temple of learning'. 

The city of Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh, five hours from Lucknow, witnessed disgrace when a school was turned into a 'dance bar'. The edifice where knowledge is imparted in the morning saw its integrity taking a nasty fall at night. The government primary school in Mirzapur was turned into a dance bar on the night of Raksha Bandhan by some locals. In a video, two women could be seen dancing on a makeshift stage set in front of the class blackboard. The music from the instruments silenced the residue of echoes of the lessons taught in the morning. Loud music coming from the instruments and fancy lights inside the classroom allowed a few locals to tarnish the sincerity of an educational institute. A few men could be seen dancing, showering money on the women dancing in one of the classrooms of the government school. Quotes in Sanskrit painted on walls held no meaning as the locals turned the school into a dance bar on the night of Raksha Bandhan. The festival which marks the bond of protection, when a brother promises his sister protection from all odds and adversities, could not infuse the moral of the festival into the men who used the school for their crude amusement.

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