Viola Davis didn't want sex scenes in 'How To Get Away With Murder'

Los Angeles: Actress Viola Davis, who will return as a lawyer in the upcoming third season of popular drama thriller series "How to Get Away with Murder", says she asked the makers to do away with any sex scenes.

She spoke about the upcoming season of "How to Get Away with Murder" on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", read a statement.

"I have no idea. There is a mystery that they introduce in the first episode and we're trying to figure it out, and I've just told no more sex scenes. 

"You can have sex scenes, but you cannot throw me up against a wall. They threw me up against a wall in the first season and that threw my back off for two weeks and my hip," Davis said.

She added that she limped around for two weeks and said no more walls.

"I just want to be on a bed and I don't want to move, I don't want anyone on top of me and I don't want to be on top of anybody else," Davis said.

The episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" featuring Davis will be aired on Romedy NOW on Tuesday in India.