Vir Das to make 'live' version of 'POTCAST'!

Los Angeles: Indian comedian-actor Vir Das, who is currently on his second US-Canadian comedy tour entertaining audiences in seven cities, is planning to make a live version of his “POTCAST”. Vir who has been uploading his "POTCAST" videos online since September last year, takes potshots at people and gives humorous opined twists to current events happening in India, through the platform. "My social media was flooded with requests to do the 'POTCAST' live. It was something I thought of and made it into a series of web videos. People seemed to have really liked what we did and now I am planning to do a live version of it for the shows I am currently doing across the US and Canada,” Vir said in a statement. During his second US tour, Vir is performing in cities like Washington, Chicago and San Jose, among others.