Visual Treat: Dharmendra, Hema's rare pictures

New Delhi, October 7: Bollywood yesteryear’s superstar Dharmendra and Bollywood’s one and only one Dream girl Hema Malini braved many obstacles and married each other on 21 August 1979 at a mehr of Rs 111,000 in the presence of  two legal witnesses. Dharmendra was already married with Prakash Kaur and had three children while Hema's mother were strictly against this alliance and gave their disapproval at the prospects of marriage. The marriage happened despite so many odds and the huge age difference of 15 years.

According to reports, Sanjeev Kapoor had strong feelings for Hema and he used Jeetendra to convey his feelings. But Hema immediately refused his proposal. When Jeetendra used to convey these messages of Sanjeev Kapoor to Hema Malini, he developed feelings for her as well. They both even expressed their love for each other while they were working on a film titled Dulhan (1974).

Jeetendra was also dating Shobha (his present wife) at that time. Things took a Bollywood Masala movie-like turn when Jeetendra almost wanting to marry Hema got a phone call from Shobha and their relationship was saved.

However, it was not to happen and Dharmendra and Hema were destined to be married with each other. Here we take a look at some of the most beautiful pictures of this evergreen couple:

Captions to go along with the story:

1) In this rare picture Dharmendra is seen romancing Hema in a movie.

2) This picture is one of the rare ones in which Dharmendra and Hema are seen getting married.

3) Dharmendra and Hema looking picture-perfect and complimenting each other

4) Despite being married for 32 years, Dharam and Hema are still deeply in love with each other

5. In this picture, Dharmendra and Hema are seen at the wedding of their younger daughter Ahana Deol.


By Renu Baliyan