Vivek Oberoi takes his stance on Salman Khan's rape comment

Amidst his about to release film, Salman Khan was mired in controversies regarding his comment in which he drew comparios between a raped women and his decreased level of energies after shooting wrestling scenes. He faced a lot of backlash from social mediums and became a subject of mass discussions. 

Bigwigs from the media industry came forward to protect their beloved “Salman Bhai”. What was surprising was Vivek Oberoi coming to step forward and defend Salman Khan as if he had burried the hatchet of the past. In Salman's defense, he went on to talk about the tiffs he has had with journalists in his 14 years career and how journalists can be quite vindictive. He went on to say that as more actors get hammered, the more barriers they will keep and there will be lesser access which is a con for both the industries.

This is a great example of how the industry known for their deep brotherhood and understanding comes together to defend each other as if they are family.