Watch: Salman shouts at Shah Rukh, fans shocked!

New Delhi: Renowned 'Dabangg' actor, who has been an essence in the Bollywood industry seems to enjoy the breeze of Mumbai. Salman Khan, has been frequently spotted loving the trend of cycling trips.

The actor, recently, shared a video of himself on Instagram, cycling in Bandra but this one is with a little twist and heart-warming. 

The 51 years old, awakended his childish acts and shouted his friend's, Shah Rukh Khan's name while he cycled past his mansion in Mumbai. 

The scene totally uplifted the fans mood, who were dwelling in happiness after having a glimpse of their 'Sallu Bhai' who also greeted and waved when people called out his name. 

Salman won hearts with his mischievous sly smile after him shouting Shah Rukh's name outside Mannat.