Watch this new crime show 'Haqeqat' on News24, one of its kind

New Delhi, Sep 22: Get ready to welcome the most exciting and thrilling crime show Haqequat on your own channel News24, starting today, Friday. The same can also be seen LIVE if you click on . 

Today's show has an intriguing story revolving around love, relationship and faith. There is a woman who can still hear the waning voice of her dead husband, a daughter who is madly in love with her boyfriend and at the same time loves her mother equally and a 'baba' who claims to be on a mystical spiritual journey trying to unravel the mysteries of life and death.

But there are hiccups in their journeys and this along with other intriguing factors make for 'Haqequat' an experience worth a watch. SO don't miss this thriller.