WATCH..Priyanka teaches you SELF-LOVE!

Mumbai: She is brave and fearless, bindaas to be precise. She does what she likes, without caring for how people would react. She wore a dress of her choice for meeting PM Narendra Modi. When she was trolled for showing legs, she responded with a picture of her mother in shorts. That's Priyanka Chopra for you. She believes in 'I am who I am' and that's what she preaches others to be in a latest video.

In the latest video ‘Pave your own path’, the Quantico star details her journey from a smal town to Bollywood to Hollywood. In her characteristic care-for-none attitude  she explains that compromise has never been an option for her. Priyanka says she ‘never tries to please anyone’. She goes on to say that she believes that one should pave one’s own even if a person has to swim against the current, because the success you then get is only yours. The outspoken actress says that she will never change herself to please a few.

“Whether I am coming to America or whether I go to India, I am always true to just who I am. If you try and change yourself, according to thinking that, ‘Oh, I am going to a different country’ or ‘I need to please’ or ‘I need to not be alien enough,’ you’re over-thinking it. People have to like you or relate to you for who you are. You can’t be someone else suddenly,” Priyanka says philosophically.