We balance it out: Kareena on life after Taimur



A former Kapoor to a famed actress to a style icon to the Begum of Pataudi...  she has many names to her identity.  She’s enjoyed the dizzying heights of success and endured the graceful lows too. But one thing that’s remained constant through Kareena Kapoor Khan’s mesmerising journey of fame is her ability to be grounded and dedicated towards her work. 

Amongst talks about her professionalism and dedication towards her work, we can't help but wonder about the kind of mom she is. Since Taimur has become a media sensation, surpassing his parents in the popularity charts, Kareena says:   

Since I’m a first time mother, I’m obviously quite hyper. Obviously, I don’t want to miss out on anything while he’s growing. I wish to be there all the time. I’m loving the journey each day as it unfolds something new. And of course, I’m enjoying being a mother far more than I ever imagined. Being mother to Taimur is probably the most sacred thing in my life. Hope I can be a good one. The journey has just started…

Does she seek anybody in particular for mommy advice, "Actually, I don’t go to anyone. I pretty much want the experience to be my own. You live and learn. Saif tells me please don’t listen to anyone. There are 10 different views and every mother operates differently from the other. So I listen to everyone but I do my own thing."

Also, how does she and Saif make time for each other: It’s up to a couple how they take time off to be with each other. We have to balance it out. I’ve always balanced work and family. It’s about trying and testing what works and what doesn’t. But of course, now it’s more about ‘us’ - Saif, Taimur and myself - spending time together. Apart from that, Saif and I get enough time together; we make it a point to enjoy that.