We have worked to eliminate reasons that made MP Bimaru-MP Minister @JansamparkMin

Economic and general conditions of people not good so state is (bimaar) - Congress MLA Jaivardhan Singh @JVSinghINC

PM Modi has praised MP for development- MP Minister @JansamparkMin

PM's Niti Ayog's Chairman has not recognised MP's development - Cong MLA @JVSinghINC

To improve education we need to focus on quality of schools not numbers - Cong MLA  @JVSinghINC

We will be having investor meet for the 5th time, we request investors going to other states to come here too - MP [email protected] 

No MP college is among top 50 colleges of country- Cong MLA @JVSinghINC

Education standard in MP is very poor- Cong MLA @JVSinghINC

MP has seen major improvement in irrigation, roads and electricity- @JansamparkMin

Even today child mortality is highest in the country- Cong MLA Jaivardhan Singh @JVSinghINC

When we came to power MP was sick- MP Minister Rajendra Shukla @JansamparkMin