We know where we're headed: Keith on love story with Rochelle

New Delhi, March 6- After making his relationship with model and actress Rochelle Rao public via a reality TV show, actor Keith Sequeira says while there is still time for their wedding bells to ring, they are clear about where they are headed in their relationship. The actor entered the ninth season of the popular reality TV show "Bigg Boss Nau" with Rochelle last year, and is glad that their relationship survived the bumpy journey of the controversial show.  Keith said they are meeting each other's family for a better understanding.  “We know which way we are headed, and we are just sticking to it. She is going to meet my parents and I am going to meet her parents... So we are trying to get to know the families, get to know each other, what are the important things in each other's life. Once we go through all of that, then we will put it together,” Keith told IANS.  The actor talked about his relationship with Rochelle with IANS last month when he became a part of seven-day Delhi Walk Festival, which was launched by Delhi, I Love you, an independent socio-cultural movement in Delhi. When asked about doing more reality shows as a couple, Keith said they might do “some dance reality shows”.  Post “Bigg Boss”, the actor, who got fame as a video jockey, and did shows like “Dekho Magar Pyaar Se” and “Diya Aur Baati Hum”, is scouting for “good quality roles”. He said: “My passion has always been acting. I am looking at good quality roles that will help me grow as an actor, and which I enjoy doing”.