What is the real reason behind Pratyusha Banerjee's sucide?

New Delhi:- Establishing a significant place in the hearts of people, Pratyusha Banerjee had turned out to be a successful actress in the television industry. But her suicide has left the world in deep shock, wondering why did she have to take such an extreme step?

The reason as to why she took this step has not been clear yet, but the primary assumption points toward her unsuccessful relationship with boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh. However, the speculation is yet to be asserted as the police found nothing incriminating against him.

“We have not found anything against Singh so far. We have recorded the statements of her parents and they have not levelled any allegations against him,” said the investigating officer.

Another theory claims that Pratyusha was disturbed because her career wasn’t going well; this resulted in acute shortage of money, which ultimately became the cause of her suicide.

Shivani Singh, Rahul’s mother said, “Pratyusha was earning in crores in her television career but she still had little money with her. We had deposited cash time and again on her request in the bank account jointly held by Pratyusha and her mother.”

Denying all the statements, Kamya Punjabi (Pratyusha's friend) came forward and said: “There were injury marks on her nose, under her eyes. We have taken pictures (as proof)... Police are probing the domestic violence angle. We will give our statement to the police.”

Her friends also denied reports that she had financial problems. “She was not facing any financial problem as alleged. She had never asked us for money. She had recently done a reality show,” Kamya added.

Meanwhile, the real story behind her suicide still remains hidden.

News24 Bureau