What is surgical strike..Top 11 surgical strikes of the world..Watch Video

 New Delhi, September 28:  In a surgical strike the commandoes of the Indian Special Forces destroyed  7 terror camps across the LoC in Pok killing  40 terrorists on Sep 29, 2016. Two years later, India is commemorating the day as Parakram Parv to salute the heroes of Surgical Strike and its victory over Pak terror.  

What is a surgical strike? Let us have a look    * It is a military attack intended to inflict damage on a specific target, with little or no collateral damage to surrounding areas.* It is  a calculated manoeuvre to ensure delivery of  maximum damage with a big surprise to your enemy* It means carrying out an attack to destroy a  target and coming back without any damage to yourself.  Every soldier is briefed, and everyone in the team has a specific responsibility.Watch a video of a surgical strike carried out by the Israeli army against Hamas.  Though it is a daytime video, it illustrates the precision 

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