What to expect from i-phone 7?

i-phone enthusiasts are gearing up for it's current smartphone release, the i-phone 7, hopefully in September of 2016. Leaked designs for the next model's cases suggest that there will be several significant differences compared to the previous i-phone 6. Some changes that one might see in i-phone 7 would be:

No headphone jack – Rumours are that Apple will ditch the 3.5mm socket universally used for headphones as well as microphones. Instead, Apple could bundle the iPhone with wireless bluetooth headphones or use headphones connected by Apple's Lightning connector ,currently used to charge it.

Dual camera – this design would allow two different lenses to compliment each other, allowing much-better quality photos. One wide-angle lens would be able to photograph a wide area, while a second zoomed-in lens would be able to focus on important parts of the image, allowing much higher quality.

Smart connector - The three dots suggested on the back of the rumored iPhone image suggest that the iPhone 7 Plus will be getting a feature Apple introduced with last year's Ipad Pro: The three pin smart connector, which can be used to connect items such as keyboards.

The chase in the love affair between Apple and it's loyal customers continues with better and advanced smartphones coming out every year. Watch out for an all glass iPhone8 in the following year.

Image Source: www.macrumors.com