What type of drunk are you?

Consuming alcohol influences every one in unexpected ways. However, new research recommends that we all pretty much fit into four categories while drunk!

You know when you're out with your buddies at a bar, and you've all had the same amount of alcohol, yet one companion is chuckling wildly, another is telling a funny story to a group strangers, third one is provoking the bouncer and he other one is talking to the bartender.

You may have wondered, well, what's up with that?

Research conducted at the University of Missouri-Columbia conducted a series of personality tests of 374 men and women- on a typical everyday premise and again while drunk.

Psychologists identified four types of drunk:

- The Nutty Professor Are you calm or shy when sober and all of a sudden transform into a crazy creature after a few shots of alcohol? If so, you fall into the 'Nutty Professor' category. This kind of drinker experiences a remarkable change in his level of confidence after a tipple. Around 20 percent of those tried, fell into this category – and it was more common among men than among women.

- Mary Poppins Is everything 'Perfect' once you've had a pint? In the situations, where you keep hold of your friendly trait even into the little hours while drunk, then consider yourself as a 'Mary Poppins'. Mainly ladies, around 15 percent of those involved in the study had less than normal decrease in intellect and appropriateness.

- Mr. Hyde Do you frequently get into fights or even get arrested? If so, then you would fall into 'Mr. Hyde' category. The study discovered members of this group become less intellectual. They are most likely to experience blackouts and are unfriendly when drunk. Mardy Mr. Hydes made up 23 percent of the general population studied and 66% were female.

- The Hemingway Do you often feel like liquor doesn't generally alter your behaviour? Then you might have a place with the most thickly populated group – the 'Hemingways'. Author Ernest Hemingway guaranteed he could drink excessive whiskey without actually getting drunk.Scientists found this blessed category (more than 40 percent) remained reliable and alcohol didn't effect their intellectual.


(Written by- Prachi Bhardwaj)