What type of music listener are you?

Could the playlists lurking on your iPod truly uncover information about your personality? According to a new research, knowing the genre of music you listen to can really prompt exact judgement about your personality.

We're presented to music for about 20% of our cognizant existences. Be that as it may, quite a bit of our musical experience is by all accounts a puzzle. Why does some music bring us to tears while different tracks make us move? How can it be that the music that we like can disturbed others?

Science is starting to demonstrate that these individual contrasts are not just random, but are to some extent due to people's personalities.

Scientists found that individuals could make exact judgments about an individual's levels of extroversion, open-mindedness after listening to ten of their main tunes.

Extroverts tend to search out tunes with overwhelming bass lines, while the individuals who appreciate more complex styles, for example, jazz and classical music have a tendency to be more innovative and have higher IQ-scores.

The researchers have divided the music listeners in categories:

-Empathisers These type of listeners have a solid interest in people's thoughts and emotions. Empathisers preferred mellow music that had low energy, sad emotions and emotional depth as hard in R&B, soft rock and singer-song writer genres.

- Systemisers This group of listeners have a solid interest in patters, frameworks and the guidelines that represent the world. Systemisers prefer more intense music, as heard in hard rock, punk and heavy metal genres. Intellectual depth and complexity as heard in event-garde classical genres is also preferred by the group.

-Balanced People who score moderately just as on empathy and systemising are named balanced. This group has a tendency to prefer music that spans more of a range than the other two thinking styles.

(Written by: Prachi bhardwaj)