WhatsApp history, facts that you don't know, and upcoming features

New Delhi: WhatsApp has garnered one billion daily active users around the world who transfer over 55 billion messages and one billion videos every day.

Originally WhatsApp was launched in the year 2009 by ex Yahoo! employees Brian Acton and Jan Koum.

Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in early 2014.

The monthly active users of Facebook-owned WhatsApp are over 1.3 billion and it supports 60 languages globally. Over 4.5 billion photos are shared around the world on WhatsApp every day.

The introduction of video call, Status (Posts that disappear after 24 hours), two-step verification security and a revamp in design has helped WhatsApp attract more users since last year when it had just one billion monthly active users.

Facebook recently updated the file sharing feature, letting users to share a file of any format. Users can also share multiple videos and photos at a time and send files up to 100MB size.

Users can now easily make their text bold or italic and also send GIFs which they can choose from app's in-built gallery.


But, there are still some features that WhatsApp lacks -- features that it rivals boast of. 

So here are 8 features missing in WhatsApp that you may find in its rivals but WhatsApp is testing these to bring them as soon as possible for its users



Some special feelings are best described by emotions and nowadays words are slowly being replaced by emoticons. WhatsApp rivals like Viber, Hike and other apps offer bulk of stickers which help users to make conversations more interesting.

2.GIF Selfie

When so many smartphones are being sold on the selfie proposition. Google, went one step ahead introducing a GIF selfie feature in its messaging app Allo which WhatsApp yet to introduce. Google's Allo enable users to create GIFs by shooting short videos with the selfie cameras of their smartphones. 

3.Private chats

Of course, there could be few chats or conversations which you would like to keep private from your friends and family. This is why several messaging apps come with Incognito or Private chat mode. This mode allows users to keep the chat safe and private, and once read the messages automatically get deleted from the app. Apps like Line, WeChat, Google Allo allow users to set a timer after which the chat will be erased. WhatsApp users are still to get this feature.

4.Poke feature

 When one needs attention without saying a single word, app like Facebook Messenger allows a feature called "Poke", this feature is used to draw the attention of people as a notification is sent the person saying that this person has poked you.

5.In-app wallet

Hike Messenger introduced In-app wallet last month, which can be used to do free and instant bank-to-bank transfers to other mobile users, including even those who are not on Hike messenger. Whereas WhatsApp is still in the planning phase with its in-app wallet

 6.Live filters

Live filters became immensely popular with Snapchat and later introduced by Facebook owned Instagram in May. But Live filters has still not made its way to WhatsApp. Earlier WhatsApp introduced 'Status' feature to its app, like Snapchat's stories.

7.Auto reply option

This feature available in apps like Facebook Messenger, Google Allo, and liked by many. It's best use comes to play when a friend sends you a question, then the app automatically generates a reply for it and user needs to click on the message which will be then sent to their friend.

8.Sharing files up to 1GB

WhatsApp recently allowed its users to share 100MB of data on Android and 120MB data on iOS device whereas Line lets you share over 1GB of data. 

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