WhatsApp users you are in danger, don't click on these messages

New Delhi: If you are using WhatsApp, then this news is important for you. The hackers are on the prowl, and they are targeting the users of this instant messaging service. They want to steal all your personal and financial information and data.


WhatsApp is flooded with messages like ‘Win T-shirts’, ‘Win Shoes’ ‘Win Coupons’, etc.  These fake spam messages are sent by fraudsters.  Most of these are forwarded messages, and no information is available about the senders. If you click on them, all your data are information may be gone. 

How to identify  spam messages.

1. Most of messages that promise free and unlimited free things or services are mostly fake. So never click on messages that promise gift, coupons or free talktime.


2. If your check carefully the spellings in these fake messages will be wrong. So do not click on messages with spelling mistakes.


3. Never click on  a link forwarded to you, and you should never forward it to anyone.

4. If you get a message about any offer from a company, check it from the company, do not believe the message and click on it

5. Never believe messages that make promises. Never click on it.