When should you opt for a home-assisted birth

For centuries, women have been giving birth at home. By the 19th century, many women chose to have their babies in hospitals to avoid many risks. However, with a better understanding and knowledge of our anatomies, the process of birthing and post-natal care, many women have gone back to the option birthing at home. This method requires you to birth with a trained midwife (doula) or a nurse. The advantages of this method is that you're comfortable in your own home, costs less and you are incharge of your own labour and delivery journey. However, there are three factors you must consider when you are opting for a home-birth. 


They are: 



*  You are having a healthy pregnancy. 


* You don't want any interjections such as an episiotomy, c-sections or epidurals. 


* You haven't had any pre-term births or complications in your previous pregnancies.