When Sunny and Daniel were locked in a showroom for one hour! VIDEO

New Delhi, Aug 30, News24 Bureau: A few days ago, Sunny Leone arrived to launch a clothing brand in a mall in Mumbai, but she got into a big problem after reaching there. As soon as Sunny entered the mall, the people quickly gathered to see a glimpse and take selfies with the actress. 

The news of her arrival spread like a fire in the mall and the surrounding areas. The crowd was so uncontrollable that it was difficult to take out Sunny from the showroom after the store launch.

In order to decrease the crowd, the store owner and designer Riyaz closed the shutter from inside the shop in a hurry. This store was locked for about 1 hour because safety was not taken care of when the shutter was closed and later shutter was completely locked. Sunny's husband Daniel was also present with her.

After the entire event was over and the crowd was gone when the store's shutter was tried to open it did not open. After a little while, the mall employees were informed. 

The employees of the mall closed the electricity of the whole mall and repaired the sore's shutter, it took nearly 1 hour to do all this. Sunny and her husband were trapped inside the store without electricity for 1 hour. As soon as the store shutter opened, Sunny Leone and Daniel immediately went out of the mall and went off the car. This was not the first time when Sunny was troubled because of her uncontrollable fans. Even before that, she has faced a crowd of desperate fans in many other cities.