Where are Gaurakshaks? Go and save dying cows in Rajasthan, 500 already dead

New Delhi: Victim of the mad floods this time in Rajasthan are the mute cows who lost their lives. Around 500 cows have lost their lives at Pathmeda in Rajasthan. The innocent animals have succumed to the rising water level and have got stuck in mud. Unable to escape, these precious lives have been lost.

The spokesperson of the Gaushala has said that they watched helplessly these precious lives succumbing to the mad spate.

Ironically last year also there were reports of around 500 cow deaths at a shelter near Jaipur in Rajasthan as their cow-sheds became thei death traps. Then the reason was the strike called by the contractual workers at Hingonia cow shelter because they were not paid. So they did not clean the sheds and 500 precious lives were lost as their hooves got stuck in the wet cowdung and mud created due to the heavy rains.  Then also the Vasundhara government had ordered an inquiry. This year again 500 cows remain dead and the number is rising