Who checked your Facebook profile..simple trick to find it out

New Delhi:  Often  unwanted people check your Facebook profile and gather personal information about you which can be misused. Worst sstill is that fact that you don’t even know who had scanned your profile. We will tell you a simple trick with which you can find out who all have checked your profile.

1. Open your Facebook profile. To know the source code of the your profile page press Control+U ( Ctlr+U). Once you do that source code page of your profile opens
2. On this page press Control +F (Ctrl + F). Once you do this a serach box opens. Write {"list": in this box and press enter
3. Once you do that profile IDs of those who have checked into your profile appear
4. The ID on top will be of the person who has checked your profile the most
5. Now enter www.facebook.com/profile ID in a new tab. Once you do this you will get to know details of the person who either checked your profile or who came on your timeline.