Why everybody hates Monday

New Delhi: All of us hate Mondays. But have you ever thought why?  Well, the weekend lie-ins could be the reason. Researchers say that sleeping for long hours on weekends, to catch up the lost sleep during weekdays, makes your tired the following week.   


Commenting on the practice of long sleeping hours over the weekend, sleep researcher Susanna Jernelöv at Sweden's Karolinska Institute recently said, "It's like giving yourself a bit of jet-lag and jet-lag makes you less bright and perky".


Other researchers agree. They say that even 30 minutes of extra sleep on Saturday or Sunday can affect you on Monday. Broadly  has quoted clinical psychological Michael J Breus on the issue. Breus said, "The classic Monday morning fog has a lot to do with if you stay up late Friday, sleep in Saturday, stay up late Saturday, sleep in Sunday." He added," Your body is starting to shift to that schedule, this makes you less bright and perky."


According to the National Sleep Foundation (US), sleep is regulated by sleep/wake homeostasis and the circadian biological clock. The sleep/wake homeostasis balances the drive for sleep and wakefulness, while the circadian biological clock is what makes you sleepy or feel awake at different points in the day.


Sleep experts say that by sleeping an extra hour over the weekend you delay your body clock by two hours, and thus you find hard to sleep on a Sunday night. Thus, you feel sleepy and tired on a Monday morning. Gradually during the week your inner clock gets back on track, and you start waking up without difficulty.


Experts advise that to get over the sleep deprivation of weekdays, it is important to sleep early on weekends rather than getting up late in the morning. Follow this, and Mondays will be never same again.