Why has Sushmita Sen grown so dull and skinny?

New Delhi, Jan 19: Sushmita Sen was perhaps the first beautiful face who made an impact globally after the likes of Rita Ferreira an others. She has been a rare combination of beauty with brains. She was the best example of a beautiful head screwed on a able shoulders. And therefore she opened the gateway to immense opportunities in the world of glamour for millions of young Indian girls. But her latest public appearance in the celebrity makeup artist Mickey Contractor's party showed an altogether different Sushmita Sen. The lady did not look her charming self. She always had a wonderful body but now she looks a bit tad too skinny. The exuberance and charm on the face has receded. Her outfit, a vey loose top, was an unfit.

Sushmita has been in and out of relationships in her personal life and pens wonderful poems. She was a trend-setter of sorts and had adopted children an mothered them wonderfully.