Why Mahashivratri should be celebrated on 14th February and not 13th February

New Delhi, Feb 13: There is a bit of confusion regarding the celebration of the Mahashivratri of 2018 as people are divided on the actual day of the festival. While few say that it is on 13th February, others say that it is on 14th Februray. 

According to Pundit Suresh Pandey, who is very popular with his popular daily TV programme 'Kaal Chakra' on News24 explains it very well for the devotees. Pundit Suresh is a great scholar who has studied Indian Scriptures and books and his observation is thus backed with this knowledge.

According to Punditji since 'Chaturdash'in starting in the night of 13th February and will be continued till midnight of 14th Feb (till 12.15 AM). Before this time it is 'Tritiya' and therefore Shivratri cannot on 13th February. 

Shivratri or the great night of Shiva heralds the onset of spring. This day is one of the most revered one for the devotees and those who want to get nearer to the Lord through meditation. 
 This year though Shivratri starts in the late evening of 13th February, it extends to 14th February. 

Devotees celebrate this festival by various ways: some meditate and do Yoga while others chant mantras and observe fast. There are many legends around this festival, celebrated with great devotion by Hindus all across the world.