"I am not being heard, not allowed to speak,"said Mayawati before threats of resignation: Video

New Delhi: In a shocking development Bahujan Samajwadi supremo Mayawati has decided to resign from the Rajya Sabha. Addressing a press conference after the boistrous session in the Rajya Sabha, she said that she was gagged in Rajya Sabha. She accused the NDA goverment led by the BJP at the center for muzzling her voice.

Attacking the Uttar Pradesh government led by Adityanath Yogi, she said that she was very hurt when she was not allowed when she tried to reach out to the Dalit in Saharapur. Mayawati  said that she was not allowed to present her point of view on the atrocities on the Dalits in the House and therefore she must resign. Invoking Baba Saheb Ambedkar she said that if she cannot be the voice of the Dalits and the downdrodden then it was useless to continue and therfore she chooses to resign.

Mayawati walked out from Rajya Sabha after raising issue of atrocities against Dalits under central government. Before walking out the BSP chief said,"Let me speak or I will resign."

"When I tried speaking about the weaker sections today in the Rajya Sabha, I was not allowed to speak. Why?" she asked adding."Laanat hai. Agar mai apne weaker sections ki baat sadan mein nahi rakh skti to mujhe house mein rehne ka adhikaar nahi hai." "I am not being heard, not allowed to speak," said the beleaguerd senior supremo.