Why Mira was unwilling to marry Shahid?

New Delhi, Oct 7: Though ‘Shamira’ as they are fondly called, is one of the sweetest Bollywood couple today, but there was a time when Mira just froze and was full of skepticism when both families decided to move ahead with their marriage plans. There were many hiccups before this marriage actually happened.

Mira Rajput was not very comfortable with this idea of marrying a superstar. She was a shy and coy young girl for whom Shahid was a very big star. Shahid’s stardom turned her feet cold.  

It is a known fact that Shahid had allegedly dated many Bollywood hotties including Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha. Some even branded Shahid as the Casanova of Bollywood.

Hearing and seeing these links-up coupled with the 13 years age gap, it would have been very difficult for any girl from a humble background, who did not even have any Bollywood link; to settle down with superstar Shahid Kapoor.

Even when Shahid's family first met Mira's family they thought that they want Mira to marry Shahid's younger brother Ruhan.

When the news of Shahid marrying a girl from non-Bollywood background broke, Mira became the cynosure of many eyes. Bollywood’s one of the most eligible bachelor was swished away from many beautiful girls. However, Mira was not exactly thrilled of this prospect of marrying a super star from Bollywood with an age gap of 13 years.

Mira was apparently unwilling to take things to another level with Shahid due to the huge age difference between them. Mira was barely 21-years-old when she married Shahid.

So how did this fairytale reach the final conclusion?

 According to our sources,  it was Mira's elder sister who played an important role of convincing Mira and readied her to accept Shahid's proposal. Shahid too did some hard work from his end and tried to convince Mira that age gap could be ignored.

Shahid must have tried to woo Mira as when they met for the first time they spoke for nearly seven hours. From anyone's estimate, it is undoubtedly a great start to any relation. It was theJab We Met actor who asked for the phone number of Mira and that's how they continued to remain in touch when their love story actually began. 

Now Shahid and Mira are happily married despite the vast age difference and blessed with a cute baby girl Misha. Their married life has made us believe that true love stories do exist.

By Renu Baliyan