Will give up public life if found guilty of corruption: Ahmed Patel

New Delhi: Congress leader Ahmed Patel on Wednesday made an emotional pitch in the Rajya Sabha, saying he would give up public life if found involved in the AgustaWestland scam. Patel, whose name is mentioned in the judgment of the Milan court, said his name figured four times in the 225-page document but he has nowhere been indicted. "I did not come to Delhi 40 years ago, leaving my old mother, to be corrupt,” he said. "I have never crossed the limits of public life. This is not my first test. I am not afraid of the allegations," he said. The Congress leader said the judgment and a Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report were the major documents in the case. Patel quoted Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he was the Gujarat chief minister and said: "I want to say, the CAG should not be used as a tool for the political bickering. Reports have remedial measures and governments should take measures to implement them." Patel said an 'atmosphere' is being created against the Congress. “An atmosphere is being created by making allegations that Congress is corrupt. But what came out in the Bofors case?" he asked. "This atmosphere is being created by a gentleman sitting here who I don't want to name," he said. Referring to the judgment of the Milan court, he said: "I want to ask, has any leader been indicted in any order? Has anyone said any of these people took bribe? If the gentleman sitting there can prove that, then I will give up public life." He, however, added: "There is no smoke without fire. Investigation should be done. Our government (the previous UPA government) had started it." IANS