Will Lok Sabha elections be advanced to sync with state polls next year?

New Delhi: In a major development, a few state elections may be conducted alongside the general elections of 2019. 

According to reports in some sections of the media, the government is reportedly considering conducting the state elections, along with the general elections. Though nothing has been finalised yet, the government is mulling over this option.

This, according to reports, should be seen as a major cost-cutting measure.

Separate state and general elections rack up quite a bit of expense and also disrupt the governance country wide. The main reason behind this move is that of aligning two elections is to cut costs as well as ensure that the governance faces no hurdles, reported the Times of India. The report in the national daily also said that inconveniences to the public because of noise and traffic due to campaigns could be checked as well. 

The national daily quoted constitutional expert and former Lok Sabha secretary general Subhash Kashyap as saying,"In the coming parliamentary polls, the elections to states due within six months or so can be held together as there is a provision that polls can be held within six months if elections are due. This can be done by the Election Commission. It does not require any amendment to Constitution."

It is beng presumed, and rightly so that getting all parties agree to the plan may be an uphill task. Constitutional expert Kashyap also feels that this change cannot be brought overnight, "If some states are due for polls in one year or so, and if it is your party (same as that at the Centre), the states can seek dissolution of assemblies for holding elections earlier."